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It is with great pleasure that I announce that, as of June 2022, PWP will become a competition-only studio! Meaning we will become a dance company instead of a recreational dance studio. It is clear to me that the type of program we offer is better suited for students and their families who are passionate about their dance journey and want to take advantage of every opportunity to pursue that passion. My competition team has been afforded a lot of opportunities and gotten a lot of recognition because of our talent, hard work, dedication, and drive. I have worked very hard to develop and cultivate their skills and feel that that is where I thrive most as a dance instructor, choreographer, director, and studio owner. Anyone who has experienced a class at PWP knows that my staff and I are extremely passionate about our crafts and what feeds our passion even more is developing dancers that share that same passion. Our processes, curriculum, and methods are more tailored for dancers who wish to compete, dance professionally, and/or work commercially and we are more than happy to continue to cater to that demographic. With that being said, PWP will no longer accept recreational students after December 18, 2021 (Spring Ballet will no longer be offered) and our recreational offerings will end completely following our last and final recreational recital in May 2022. Those of ages 4-18 years that feel that they have what it takes to continue or join as a PWP company member in 2022 will have the opportunity to audition for the competition team's new season which will be advertised. Otherwise, we wish you well on your dance journey as we continue ours. In the meantime, there will be lots of exciting announcements regarding our new direction. New rebranding coming soon! Be on the lookout!

-Ms. Darleen, PWP Owner/Director




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